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Welcome to our latest news at the Institute for International Strategy and Tokyo International University – where we explore and dissect the current reality of global relations and digital innovation. As an academic beacon, we’re not just about textbooks and lectures; we’re a vibrant community of thinkers, creators, and leaders shaping the next wave of […]

Business Economics 2024

Studying Business Economics in the modern world offers a unique blend of benefits that are critical for understanding and navigating the rapidly changing economic landscape. At its core, Business Economics provides a comprehensive understanding of economic principles and models, coupled with the application of these concepts in business decision-making. This fusion equips students with the


The advent of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) promises to revolutionize our world in ways that are profound and far-reaching. As a technology that can understand, learn, and apply intelligence across a wide range of human-like tasks, AGI is set to transform every sector of society. One of the most significant impacts will be on the

Why study IR?

Studying International Relations in 2024 is a timely and strategic choice, offering unique insights into the complexities of our globalized world. This multidisciplinary field encompasses political science, economics, history, and law, providing a comprehensive understanding of the interconnections between nations, organizations, and individuals on the international stage. With the rapid evolution of global challenges—such as

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