Vasily Lubashevsky

Associate Professor of Business Analytics

Ph.D. – University of Tokyo

2014 Eng.D. – School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
2010 M.S. – Electronics and Automation, Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering
Teaching & Research Interests

Applied Mathematics, Complex systems, Recovery management, Numerical simulation

Academic Appointments
2024 Associate Professor, Tokyo International University
2019 Assistant Professor, Tokyo International University
2016-2019 Research Associate, National Institute for Environmental Studies
2014-2016 Project Researcher, Resilience Engineering Research Center The University of Tokyo
Selected Publications/Conference Papers
Lubashevskiy V., Lubashevsky I. (2023). “Evolutionary Approach for Detecting Significant Edges in Social and Communication Networks”, IEEE Access, Volume 11.
Lubashevskiy V., Lubashevsky I. (2023). “Self-Organized Criticality and Cognitive Control Reasoned by Effort Minimization”, Systems, Volume 11, Issue 6.
Lubashevskiy V., Ozaydin Y.S., Ozaydin F. (2023). “Improved Link Entropy with Dynamic Community Number Detection for Quantifying Significance of Edges in Complex Social Networks”, Entropy, Volume 25, Issue 2.
Lubashevskiy V. (2022). “Assessment of Satisfactory Recovery Level after Disaster using Probabilistic Modeling of Residents’ Behavior: Case of Residential Electricity Demand”, Proceedings of the 32nd European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2022), pages 1401-1408.
Lubashevskiy V. (2021). “Agent-based modeling of urban recovery: constructing an umbrella of recovery plans via virtual city twin and iterative algorithm approach”, Book of papers of Asia Simulation Conference 2021, pages 171-178.
Lubashevskiy V., Hirano Y. (2018). “Prediction of power supply demand: consumption pattern modeling”, International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering, and Technology, Volume 6, Issue 2, 61-66.
Lubashevskiy, V., Suzuki, T., Kanno, T., & Furuta, K. (2017). Recovery of urban socio-technical systems after disaster: Quasi-optimality of reactive decision-making based planning. EURO Journal on Decision Processes, 5(1-4), 65-77.
Lubashevskiy, V., Kanno, T., & Furuta, K. (2016). Resource redistribution under lack of information: Short-term recovery after large scale disasters. Journal of Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering, 3(1), 1-16.
Lubashevskiy, V., Kanno, T., & Furuta, K. (2014). Resource redistribution method for short-term recovery of society after large-scale disasters. Advances in Complex Systems, 17(05), 1450026.
Lubashevsky, W., Lubashevskiy, I., & Mahnke, R., (2010). Distributed self-regulation of living tissue: Beyond the ideal limit. Physical Review E, 81(2), 021922.
Lubashevskiy, V.I. (2009). Quasilocality effect in active media. Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, 36(8), 219-224
Lubashevsky, W. I., & Lubashevskiy, I. A. (2009). Distributed mechanism of living tissue self-regulation as a self-organization phenomenon in active fractal media. Physics of Wave Phenomena, 17(2), 139-153.
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