Kuniko Ishiguro

Professor of Human Resource Management

Ph.D. – University of Sheffield

2008 Ph.D. – East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield
2003 M.Sc. – East Asian Business, University of Sheffield
1986 B.A. – French Language and Literature, Gakushuin University
Teaching & Research Interests

Gender in Business, Strategic Human Resource Management, Career Development, East Asian Political Economy and Management , Gender and work in film

Academic Appointments
2021- Professor, Tokyo International University
2022-2023 Adjunct Lecturer, Tokyo Metropolitan University
2017 – Adjunct Lecturer, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
2015 – Associate Professor, Tokyo International University
2015 – Adjunct Lecturer, Bunkyo Gakuin University
2014 – 2015 Associate Professor Bunkyo Gakuin University
2012 – 2014 Assistant Professor, Bunkyo Gakuin University
2010 – 2015 Adjunct Lecturer, Musashi University
2009 – 2012 Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo
1998 – 2001 Human Resource Manager, Nike Japan Corp.
1992 – 1998 Human Resource Supervisor, Toys”R”Us-Japan, Ltd.
1986 – 1990 Brand Coordinator, Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd.
Fellowships & Grants
2010 – JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research: 23K11688 (2023-); 9K12611(2019-2023); 16K02045(2017-2020); 25360046(2014-2016); 22510283(2010-2013)
2008 John Crump Research Fund, British Association for Japanese Studies
2004 Japan Foundation Endowment Committee Research Fund
Selected Publications/Conference Papers
‘Nihon no Jendā Byōdō ni Mukete: Dēta kara Yomitoku Genkyō to Torikumi (Towards Gender Equality: Data Analysis of the Current Situation and Efforts in Japan)’, Research Paper W-80, Institute for Business Research, Daito Bunka University (2023).
‘Uruguai ni Okeru Bunkateki Eizōryoku no Gurōbaruteki Kachi to Ibunka Rikai (Global Value and Cross-cultural Understanding of Cultural Visual Power in Uruguay), The Journal of Research Institute of Bunkyo Gakuin University, No. 23 pp. 39-68, (Kuwako, J, Kurashima, M. and Ishiguro, K., 2023).
‘Gender Equality in the Japanese Workplace: Development Over the 35 Years Since the Enforcement of the EEOL’, Journal of Bunkyo Gakuin University Department of Foreign Languages、No. 21, pp. 1-18 (2022).
‘Uruguai ni okeru Bunkateki Eizōryoku no Gurōbaruteki Kachi to Sono Igi: Genchi Chōsa (The Global Value and Significance of Cultural Visual Power in Uruguay: Field Research)’, The Journal of Research Insitutite of Bunkyo Gakuin University, No. 22 pp. 33- 52, (Kuwako, J, Kurashima, M. and Ishiguro, K. 2022).
‘Gender (In) Equality in Business and Countries’ Welfare Systems – Discussion From a Comparative Research on Women’s Career Development Between Sweden and Japan’, Journal of Bunkyo Gakuin University Department of Foreign Languages、No. 20, pp. 17-32 (2021).
‘Uruguai “Uisukī (2004), Chiri “Natyuraru Ūman (2017) ni Daihyōsareru Bunkateki Eizō (Cultural Visual in “Whisky (Uruguay, 2004)” and “Natural Woman, Chile, 2017)’, The Journal of Research Insitutite of Bunkyo Gakuin University, No. 21 pp. 49-66, (Kuwako, J, Kurashima, M. and Ishiguro, K. 2021).
‘Josei Kanrishoku no Shigoto to Kyaria: Denmāku Chosa karano Kōsatsu (Work and Career Development of Women Managers in Denmark)’, Journal of Ohara Institute for Social Research, No. 703, pp. 32-49. (2017)
‘Kaigai Shinshutsu Kigyō no Jinteki Shigen Kanri: YKK no Jirei kara (Human Resource Management of Japanese Enterprises Overseas: A Case Study of YKK Turkey)’, pp. 141-166 in Sekine, K., Yildirim, Y. E., & Kawabe, N. (Eds.), Toruko to Nihon no Keizai Kankei: Kokusai Kyōdō Kenkyū (The Economic and Business Relations between Turkey and Japan: International Joint Research). Tokyo: General Research Institute, Bunkyo Gakuin University. (2016)
‘Shimbunsha ni okeru Kyaria Keisei: Asahi Shimbunsha, Mainichi Shimbunsha no Shōshinsha Kyaria no Tenkai ni kansuru Dēta karano Kōsatsu (Career formation in the newspaper industry: Cases of employees’ career promotions at Asahi Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun)’. Journal of Japan Society of Directories, 12, pp. 32-42. (Ishiguro, K. and Cho, H., 2014)
‘Popular Culture and Workplace Gendering among Variety of Capitalism: Working women and their Representation in Japanese Manga’, Gender, Work and Organization, Vol.21, pp. 472-489. (Matanle, P., Ishiguro, K. and McCann, L., 2014)
Never-Married Employed Men’s Gender Beliefs and Ambivalence Toward Matrimony in Japan, Journal of Family Issue,Vol.34, Issue 12, pp.1676-1695 (Nemoto, K, Fuwa, M, Ishiguro, K, 2013)
‘Japanese Employment in Transformation: The Growing Number of Non-regular Workers’, pp. 179-213 in Iles, T. and Matanle, P. (eds.), Researching Twenty-First Century Japan: New Directions and Approaches for the Electronic Age. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. (2012)
Josei Kanrishoku no Kyaria Keisei: Jirei karano Kōsatsu (Career formation of Female Manager: Case Study Analysis, GEMC Journal, No. 7, pp. 104-128, 2012)
‘Changes in Japanese Companies’ Personnel Management Practices relating to Female Employees: From the Early 1980s to the Early 2000s.’ pp. 129-163 in Horn, S. (Ed.), Emerging Perspectives in Japanese Human Resource Management. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. (2011)
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