Fatih Ozaydin

Professor of Information Management & Quantum Technologies

Ph.D. – Osaka University

2010 Ph.D. – Quantum Information and Quantum Optics, Osaka University
2005 M.Sc. – Electronics Engineering, Isik University
2003 B.Sc. – Computer Science and Engineering, Isik University
Teaching & Research Interests

Quantum Information and Computation, Communication, Networks, Metrology, Thermodynamics, Zeno Dynamics, Game Theory, AI, Machine Learning; Density Functional Theory, Topoelectrical Circuits, PT-Symmetry, Nanoelectronics, High Energy Physics, Blockchain Technologies, Software Engineering, IT Project Management, Computer Networks.

Academic Appointments
2022- Professor, Tokyo International University
2019-2022 Associate Professor, Tokyo International University
2017-2018 Visiting Professor, Photon Science Center, Grad. Sch. of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
2017-2019 IT Dept. Manager, Has-Nihon Trading Co. Ltd., Japan
2015-2017 Associate Professor, Dept. of Information Technologies, Isik University
2014-2016 Vice Director, Technology Transfer Office, Isik University
2014 Visiting Professor, Micro/Nano Photonics Lab, Electrical & System Engineering Department, Washington University in St. Louis.
2013-2014 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Information Technologies, Isik University
2010-2013 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Okan University
2005-2006 Software Engineer, YALTES Inc., THALES Naval Netherlands (Defense Electronics & Military Software)
2003-2005 Research Assistant, Dept. of Physics, Isik University
Fellowships & Grants
2017-2019 EU-COST Action CA15220 Quantum Technologies in Space & Technical and Scientific Council of Turkey Grant 116F303, “Quantum Fuels for Space Technologies”
2016-2017 Isik University BAP Grant: “Designing Nano Devices Based on Atom-Photon Interactions”
2014-2015 Isik University BAP Grant: “Developing Quantum Networks for Quantum Computation & Communication and New Nano-Quantum Technologies”
2010-2013 Istanbul University, Grant No: BAP-5623
2006-2010 Japanese Government MEXT- Monbukagakusho Scholarship for PhD
2003-2005 FMV Isik University Scholarship for MS
1999-2003 Turkish Government Scholarship for Undergraduate Education
Selected Publications/Conference Papers
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Turkeli S., Ozlem S. E., Karataş E., Elmas F., Kurt K. K., Atay H. T., Cicek M. A., Ozaydin F. (2024). IoT-Enabled Design and Implementation of an Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure Controller Device IEEE Access, 12, 32724.
Ozaydin F., Sarkar R., Bayrakci V., Bayındir C., Altintas A. A., Mustecaplioglu O. E. (2024). Engineering Four-Qubit Fuel States for Protecting Quantum Thermalization Machine from Decoherence. Information, 15 (1), 35.
Ozaydin F., Mustecaplioglu O. E., Hakioglu, T. (2023). Powering quantum Otto engines only with -deformation of the working substance. Physical Review E, 108 (5), 054103.
Ozaydin F., Bayrakci V., Altintas A. A., Bayindir C. (2023). Superactivating bound entanglement in quantum networks via quantum Zeno dynamics and a novel algorithm for optimized Zeno evolution. Applied Sciences, 13 (2), 791.
Lubashevskiy V., Yurtcicek Ozaydin S., Ozaydin F. (2023). Improved link entropy with dynamic community number detection for quantifying significance of edges in complex social networks. Entropy, 25 (2), 365.
Alan A. R., Bayindir C., Ozaydin F., Altintas A. A. (2023). The Predictability of the 30 October 2020 İzmir-Samos Tsunami Hydrodynamics and Enhancement of Its Early Warning Time by LSTM Deep Learning Network. Water, 15 (23), 4195.
Bayındır C., Farazande S., Altintas A. A., Ozaydin F. (2023). Petviashvili Method for the Fractional Schrodinger Equation. Fractal and Fractional, 7(1), 9.
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Turkeli S., Ozaydin F. (2022). A Novel Framework for Extracting Knowledge Management from Business Intelligence Log Files in Hospitals. Applied Sciences, 12(11), 5621.
Altintas A.A., Ozaydin F., Bayindir C., Bayrakci V. (2022). Prisoners’ Dilemma in a Spatially Separated System Based on Spin–Photon Interactions. Photonics, 9(9), 617.
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Yesilyurt C., Siu Z. B., Ozaydin F., Jalil M. B. A. (2021). Anomalous Hall Effect in Anisotropic Weyl semimetals. IEEE InterMag 2021 (IF-03).
Ozaydin F., Yesilyurt C., Bugu S., Koashi, M. (2021). Deterministic preparation of states via spin-photon interactions Physical Review A, 103, 052421.
Ozaydin S. Y., Ozaydin F. (2021). Deep Link Entropy for Quantifying Edge Significance in Social Networks. Applied Sciences, 11(23), 11182.
Bayindir C., Altintas A.A., Ozaydin F. (2021). Self-localized Solitons of a q-Deformed Quantum System. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 92, 105474 (Online Publication Date: August 2020).
Bugu, S., Ozaydin, F., Kodera, T. (2020). Surpassing the Classical Limit in Magic Square Game with Distant Quantum Dots Coupled to Optical Cavities. Scientific Reports 10, 22202.
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Peer Reviewed International Conference Presentations
Ozaydin F., & Ozaydin S. Y. (2022) Detecting Political Secession of Fragmented Communities in Social Networks via Deep Link Entropy Method ISSN: 2186-5906 – The Asian Conference on Media, Communication & Film 2021: Official Conference Proceedings DOI: https://doi.org/10.22492/issn.2186-5906.2022-1.7
Ozaydin, F. (2017, June). Magic square game in spin systems with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction. Presented by invitation at the 24th Statistical Physics Days (IFG 24), Izmir, Turkey.
Ozaydin, F. (2016, May). Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in quantum information science. Presented at the International Conference on quantum Science and Applications (ICQSA), Eskisehir, Turkey.
Ozaydin, F. (2016, March). Quantum communication networks. Presented by invitation at the Quantum Optics and Information Conference, Ankara, Turkey.
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